OptiPrimus, the creator god - the multiversal force for good has provided some of his life force to bring Optimism Prime to life.

Even in the face of losing decentralization to the combined might of the Regulator forces, Optimism Prime never abandoned his fight to liberate the Optimistic Chain. Given the current events and regulations, Optimism Prime and the decentrabots have staged a plan to counter this unfair legislators: the $OPP token.

Optimism Prime is the first FAIR LAUNCH token mechanics in the Optimism Chain. NO PRESALE, NO VC's. Just a fair token, cheap gas and lots of fun!

The token has a 1,000,000,000 supply and is fully distributed. It can be bought and used for liquidity providing on Velodrome. A leveraged farming pools is available on Tarot.

We have suffered losses, but we've not lost the war, we can still have lots of fun, and most important, we can still do it FREELY on Optimism. Hop on our journey and join our socials. Be a part of the first legit meme token and let's save the blockchain together.

Now all we need is a little Energon and a lot of Luck.